IDEAL HIGH-CLASS ESCORT 10 Ideas for Unforgettable Escort Date

Escort dates can be different. Some gentlemen prefer a quick acquaintance and a minimum of ceremonies. Others are willing to spend a long time with the escort model to get to know each other better and make sex unforgettable. I like both options because in any case, a date with me will be special and enjoyable. But this article will mostly apply to those who have decided to spend the whole day with me and want to diversify our pastime. The article will also be useful for couples in love or those who want to decorate a romantic and sexual life with new ideas.

Ideas for a date

These ideas are simple and accessible to everyone. And each option can be implemented differently. But please note, if you decide to spend your day with me, we should discuss our activities and pastimes. In this way, I will be ready for it, choose the right clothes, and be able to give up these ideas that for some reason do not suit me. So our date will be a great adventure for both of us.

Romantic SPA

Hotels and SPA complexes have many good offers to visit the sauna, SPA or couples massage. If we want an intimate atmosphere in the room, we can take a bath with foam and salt, light candles, take a glass of wine and relax. This atmosphere is excellent for open conversations and open actions. Take a moment to tell what you dream about, what you wish and what you want right now.

Tea ceremony

Invite me for a cup of tea in the cozy atmosphere of the tea ceremony. Incidentally, previously this pleasure was available only to members of the imperial family. During the tea ceremony, we will truly relax, learn how to enjoy the taste of tea as much as possible, and, most importantly, we will open up to each other easier and faster.

By the way, the magic of tea is available to us without a separate service. So what about delicious tea and a ceremony with your own rules in our room? We will add spiciness and novelty to tea traditions.

Dinner or picnic on the roof

I love restaurants with beautiful terraces. Sparkling wine or cocktails, beautiful glasses and a charming view of the city – isn’t it romantic? And if you complement this picture with delicious dishes – you can’t think of anything better.

The beauty that surrounds us significantly affects our mood, well-being and desire. That`s why I always take care of myself and what is around me.

Wine degustation

The sommelier will tell about complex bouquets and different characters of wine drinks, and we will plunge into a wonderful journey of tastes and smells. This is a good way to learn and better understand each other’s tastes and flavors, talk honestly and learn a lot. By the way, if you don’t drink alcohol, then know that wine tasting does not oblige you to anything. It is not necessary to swallow wine, but it is always interesting to feel how the taste of drinks is revealed.

Mastering a new skill, master classes

Have you long dreamed of learning to play the hang drum, sculpt clay pots, paint pictures or make delicious sweets? Share your interest with me. A common cause always unites and reveals people. And in our case, the master class will also heat up sexual desire.

Dance as a conversation of bodies

This point can be implemented in different ways. Firstly, we can go to a master class to learn new movements. Secondly, we can attend a party, a good club, a dance studio or even a local festival. And thirdly, music surrounds us everywhere, so we turn on incendiary, passionate music in the hotel and dance in the room. What do you like more?

“Dancing increases cognitive acuity at all ages. It integrates several brain functions at once — kinesthetic, rational, musical and emotional — further increasing your neural connectivity.”

 Richard Powers

Horseback riding

I am a romantic person, although the fantasy of a prince on a white horse has outlived its usefulness. But it still remains a fantastic idea to date if we have enough time. Let our date take place to the sound of hoofbeats and breaths of wind on a horse farm or racetrack. And we will make the continuation of the meeting even better.

Head in the clouds

Some people like calm, but some people prefer extreme and flight. We could fly a hot air balloon and look at the world from a bird’s eye view. So we can get an unforgettable experience. This is just one of the options for conquering height. There are a lot of ideas for extreme recreation!

I like these things, but don’t forget to discuss them with me.


It is another good option for a date. Such classes, combined with passion and the desire to win, reveal the real us. Looseness and sincerity, excitement and ardor, flexibility and plasticity come into play. In the future it will be useful to us 🙂

Tourist entertainment

Here is another suggestion. Come on, let’s become tourists in a familiar city?  We will walk the streets, go to popular places or, conversely, sparsely populated places, we will visit the theater, swim in a boat or take a tour bus… Such days always open something new. You can also invite me to your city or we can visit a new city / country together. In this case, I have a useful article 6 Tips for Travel Escort.

I am one of those people who know how to enjoy the moment and are always ready for new impressions and new experiences. So I am sure that we will have a wonderful romantic meeting and a passionate dessert. To book a date with me, please go to the Booking page.