IDEAL HIGH-CLASS ESCORT 10 Myths About Escort Services

Escort services are probably one of the most tabooed topics, overgrown with a variety of myths. I want to share my observations and dispel the most common myths about my work. Shall we start?

Escorts are immoral, just like prostitutes

Often, the concepts of escort services and prostitute services are differentiated. This is due to the fact that escort models can provide intimate services or just accompany their clients, while prostitutes provide intimate services only. However, all these names are just a play on words and meanings. Everyone sets the limits of his or her morality and determines what is acceptable. And the truth, it is better to get rid of stereotypes about escort services, prostitution and other occupations at once.

This way, you will not only start treating others better and more objectively, but you will also feel that life has become easier and calmer. And you will discover a lot of pleasant activities 🙂

Being an escort is degrading to women

In the 21st century, it is still common to think that expressing sexuality is degrading to women. According to these ideas, a woman can have sex only with her husband. There is nothing wrong with choosing one partner for life, but an active and varied sex-life is normal too.

Want to know what is degrading? Telling a woman she doesn’t respect herself based on her personal life choices. I feel like I’m living my best life. This is what suits me. So let others make their own choices.

Escorts are low-life people

Not at all. Of course, it happens that escort services help to accumulate funds for the desired achievements. For example, adult students are often involved in escort. It helps them pay for tuition, get an education and live a good life. However, this is not the only possible option. This is often the hobby of those who earn much more in their main job. In other cases, it is a developed business of people who, on the contrary, are accustomed to a luxurious life. So there are no more poor escort models than poor teachers or doctors. But the story of each woman or man working in the escort industry is individual.

As for me, I am the proof that escort models are not offended by life. I earn well and enjoy life.

Escorts will do anything for money

An escort model is first and foremost a person. Everyone has their own list of acceptable and unacceptable things. Money matter, but not as much as you think. You can offer anything, but I always have the right to choose for myself and negotiate with you. Please respect my choice as I respect your right to satisfaction.

Men who use escort services are lonely creeps

This is a fairly common and most vile opinion. I had dates with very different people. For some, an escort date in Munich is an adventure. Others want to diversify their sex lives. Still, others order services because they are dissatisfied with their sexual relationships with their partners. Some of my clients are senior men looking for a young and beautiful escort model who will remind them what pleasure is. Or, they can be busy businessmen who prefer arranging dates with one call instead of visiting bars.

Each escort model can refuse a potential client or agree to a date. This is how I protect myself if I sense potential problems, but I gladly welcome those who, like me, are sincere and open to new experiences.

Ordering an escort is not good for health

Self-care is one of the main requirements for every escort model, and it is difficult to find a girl who does not take care of herself in this respect. Everything is important: clean body, smooth skin, healthy hair, beautiful attire, nice smell. The body of an escort model is her business card, and neglecting it makes no sense. I come to you neat and beautiful to spend an unforgettable time together.

Escorts carry STD’s

Anyone can become a carrier of sexually transmitted diseases if they lose vigilance. However, it is the escort models that take special care of their safety and the safety of their clients. After all, this is our job – to offer you passionate intimacy without any risks. An escort model will not agree to unprotected sex, no matter how much you want it. Also, I visit my doctor on a regular basis to be examined and to check my health.

Escorts are miserable drug abusers

This myth is often spread by the media. The tendency of escort girls to drug and alcohol addiction can be explained by lack of self-love and difficulties in life. I do not deny that there are such cases. However, VIP escort models are usually those women and men who love themselves, their bodies and sex. I don’t mind drinking a glass of wine or champagne, but I won’t hurt myself with too much alcohol or drugs. This is not for me.

Escorts spend all their time going on dates

Escort services are not limited to dating and spending time together. They also involve careful preparation, planning and taking care of yourself and your health (and therefore, the health of the sexual partners).

However, one should not think that all escort models do nothing but escort. Most often, these are the women and men with various professions and hobbies. As for me, I have a permanent job that brings me a good income, but I love dates with my clients. They always bring me a new experience and special moments that both I and my partner will remember. I like to express my sensuality, femininity, sexuality. I like to spend my time with different people, each of whom teaches me something and shares something with me.

Escort is my passion, but it is only one of many areas of my life.

Escort is expensive

It’s not exactly a myth, but let’s talk about it. There are agencies and independent escort models of various price categories. And everyone sets the price for their time and intimate services. By setting a high price, the model shows her serious attitude to her time and intimate attention. Also, she guarantees her responsible approach to her appearance, cleanliness, health, the anonymity of services, etc. No price is too high when it comes to complete intimacy. So don’t count the money, just indulge in the VIP escort model.

There are other myths about escort services as well. They are associated with the distorted notions of morality, religious beliefs, sexism, and rejection of those whose opinions differ from the established ones. However, everything is very simple: everyone has the right to choose. This applies to work and life in general. If it doesn’t violate other people’s rights, just let it be and relax. I, in turn, will be glad to meet you and enjoy a beautiful and passionate date with you.

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