IDEAL HIGH-CLASS ESCORT 5 Simple Ideas for Escort Date in Cologne

Not long ago, I published a post 10 Ideas for an Unforgettable Escort Date. Today, I want to continue the topic and tell about one of my favorite cities in Germany. We will consider independent high-class escort services in Cologne. If from time to time you thought about a romantic date or passionate adventure in Cologne, let this article be a sign to you. If not, still think about it.  High-class escort model in Cologne will be your unforgettable experience and a possibility to make your dreams come true in one of the oldest cities in Germany.

I will gladly spend an evening with you in Cologne. We could also spend an entire day or weekend together. I have selected several ideas for the dates and spending great time in Cologne.

Romantic Date on a Boat

Let us begin from the simplest things. Why don’t we lease a boat on one of Cologne lakes? We could get acquainted in an intimate atmosphere and talk about anything, or just enjoy the beauty of nature. To accomplish this idea, we can go to Decksteiner Weiher. Here, visitors can walk in a forest, near a small pond, along the forest paths, or play a game of golf. In addition, we can lease a canoe and go to a dinner to a restaurant nearby.

It is a great idea for an escort date, for water is a source of calmness and relaxation. They say, one can forever view three things: water, fire, and a pretty escort model in Cologne (of course, if you choose me😉).

A Carefree Lakeside Picnic

Often, dates with escort model in Cologne are perceived only as rendezvous in deluxe hotels in cities, with the most expensive wine on the card. The truth is, I can enjoy different types of pastime. For example, I will gladly join you on a walk near the lakeside, tell a lot of true stories and kiss you in the sunset light. By the way, the eastern bank of the Rhine offers a lot of beautiful picnic spots. Going from over Love Locks Bridge, we can visit a newly developed Rheinboulevard, a local park or pebbled beaches.

Sunset on a Viewing Deck

We can enjoy a sunset from a picnic, hotel window or any other spot in Cologne. However, the thing is, there exists a fantastic place where a sunset on a cloudless day is truly an epic sight worth your time. I am talking about Köln Triangle, or the LVR tower as it is also known. For our evening escort date in Cologne, we will go to the 28th floor and then to a viewing deck. Thus, we will have the entire city at our feet, with a 360-degree view on Cologne and the suburbs.

Are you ready to conquer new peaks and get VIP escort services Cologne with independent model? As I am writing this article, I already feel the desire to visit the city with you.

Exotic cocktails in Little Link

We can go to any place for dinner at your choice. What concerns me, I am always interested in testing new local dishes and craft drinks. If you have not made your choice yet, we can start with Little Link cocktail bar located in the Belgian quarter of Cologne. The sophisticated atmosphere is all about details: dim light, lounge music, and award-winning tasty drinks. In addition, we can visit master classes or tasting sessions here.

Traditional Tour on a Brewery

Frankly speaking, I am not a big fan of beer. However, I will gladly accompany you on such a tour. The atmosphere at such events is usually really exciting. Always simple and lots of fun. Such unprompted visits to pubs or breweries connect people.

I have mentioned beer tours for a reason. In Cologne, beer is integrated in the culture. Local breweries go centuries back and cherish their production secrets. The best district for a tour is Heumarkt. Here, we can arrange a true beer tour, try different drinks and dishes, talk about everything, walk along cozy streets, and then go back to a hotel to continue the escort date in Cologne.

VIP Escort Services in Cologne

As you can see, every idea I offer is simple and regular, yet still very pleasant to accomplish. After a date, we can combine luxury with coziness and passion with frank talks. I am sure our escort date in Cologne will be unforgettable, and we may meet again and again. To begin planning our date, please fill in the form.