IDEAL HIGH-CLASS ESCORT 7 Ideas for Our Escort Date in Dubai

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Escort Services in Dubai and Some Date Ideas

Dubai offers a lot of entertainment and beautiful places that enchant tourists from around the world. Although some conservatism makes changes in spending time in the UAE, you can find the same stylish and glamorous places in the premises of luxury hotels, on their roofs or lower floors that have become usual in cosmopolitan Europe. Moreover, here you can find new experiences and locations for spending time in a variety of ways.

Here are some ideas I have found that may be useful for us when traveling and for escort services in Dubai.

1. Skyview Bar

A fast elevator with panoramic view will take us to the 27th floor of Burj Al Arab Hotel. The refined interior of the restaurant with huge panoramic windows is in shades of blue and green. The menu presents a wide range of dishes – from good old classics to original masterpieces. We could enjoy tasty cocktails and admire the evening city and the Persian Gulf. And then continue our escort date somewhere else.

2. Ski Vacation

Did you know that in Dubai, inside the Mall of the Emirates, there is an indoor ski resort called Ski Dubai? It covers more than 20,000 square meters and offers visitors five trails. Here you can ski in any season, because the trails are covered with snow all year round. There are mountain rope hoists and tubing trails on the territory. Visitors are given not only equipment but also winter clothes. In my opinion, skiing is not the first association with Dubai, and therefore this idea attracts me even more.

3. Aquarium in Dubai Mall

I like extreme and new experiences. However, I am really flexible about pastime. How about a quiet walk and an overview of the world’s largest aquarium listed in the Guinness Book of Records? The aquarium is a home to more than 33,000 marine animals and fish. You can see them walking through a tunnel that runs through the entire length of the aquarium. The view is fantastic — 270 degrees! Shall we take some photos to remember our escort date in Dubai?

4. Historic District of Al Bastakiya

This is one of the few truly historic places in Dubai inhabited by rich salesmen and pearl divers in the past. Today you can see the architecture of the 19th and 20th century with the famous “wind towers”. We will walk through the narrow winding streets and see what the city looked like before the discovery of oil and the tourist boom.

5. Dubai Creek Waterway

This is a great opportunity to look at the city from a water reservoir and sail on a colorful boat along the Dubai Creek Canal. Experts advise to go for a walk in the evening, when the city is illuminated by millions of colorful lights reflected in the waters of the canal. And going ashore, you can walk along the seafront, admiring the boats and yachts. I think you will remember such a date with an independent escort girl in Dubai for a long time.

6. Flamingo Sanctuary in Dubai

This is a little-known but very interesting place in Dubai on Oud Metha Road, where we can see real flamingos and other waterfowl within the city. There is a special house on the territory which becomes a convenient site to watch flamingos through binoculars, without disturbing the birds. This is a great and non-trivial place to diversify your visit to Dubai.

7. Spice Market

Did you know that many types of spices are strong aphrodisiacs? Let’s check. In the spice market you can feel the true color of the east, as well as delve into the unique atmosphere of the bazaar. We can also buy real Arabic spices and sweets: Algerian dates, vanilla, turmeric, saffron, and dried rose buds. The very things for our Dubai dates.

International escort services in Dubai

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