IDEAL HIGH-CLASS ESCORT Blonde Escort Model: The Magic of Color

Welcome to my blog. In this article, I would like to talk about the psychology of women’s hair color and my type of appearance as an escort model. Of course, I will not surprise you if I say that men are very careful in their choice of an escort lady, and appearance is almost decisive in this regard. All of us have different tastes and preferences. Some men pay attention to slim young girls with light hair, others – to brunettes with curvaceous forms. Others prefer mulattoes and exotic ladies. I feel that passers-by are looking at me especially often. So I wondered how people all over the world perceive blondes. And what is special about blonde escort models in Berlin, Munich, and in other cities?

Of course, this article should be taken lightly and without undue seriousness. I believe every woman has her own beauty and charm, and the main things that attract attention are her character and temperament, as well as our presentation of ourselves and being well-groomed.

Why Do We Pay Attention to Hair Color?

It’s been decades since Marilyn Monroe ruled the silver screen. But, according to a study, it seems gentlemen still prefer blondes. Perhaps this is due to the plots of numerous films starring famous blonde actresses, as well as children’s tales. After all, we recall that most of the fairies and princesses were blonde beauties. Perhaps it is the psychology of white, which is associated with tenderness, lightness, purity, and youth. Also, according to another theory, the fact is that only 2% of the population have natural blonde hair, so we subconsciously pay attention to such people.

Interestingly enough, the psychology of color applies both to people with natural hair color and those who decided to dye and consciously chose a particular color. After all, very often the change in hair color largely affects the person’s character. Psychologists have concluded that about forty percent of women demonstrate noticeable changes in their behavior after altering their hair color. Yes, we see ourselves in the mirror, perceive ourselves and our image differently, develop new habits and behaviors, attitudes, communication, and partially change our personalities.

Who Is She – Blonde Escort Model?

What are they – blonde escort models in Munich, New York or Thailand? The answer is simple – they are different. Still, I wondered what people tend to think of blondes. So I decided to share with you some characteristics while talking about myself.

  • Blonde escort model attracts attention. Yes, men most often pay attention to beautiful blondes. So when I’m with you, expect lots of staring and compliments.
  • Blonde escort model is gentle and vulnerable. Yes, I do think I also have these traits to a large extent. I am graceful and gentle, although I like to have fun.
  • Blonde escort model is naive and sentimental. Sometimes I may be naive. However, only to the extent that I can fully enjoy life and celebrate every moment.
  • Blonde escort models prefer to solve problems using their attractiveness and intuition. OK, let’s face it, my charm really helps me deal with numerous issues and get what I want.
  • Blonde escort models are passionate. They say blondes are easier to approach, get along with, and that they agree to intimacy faster. Considering my love for romance and freedom, this is really about me. I like starting new stories and making new acquaintances. Also, I am a great lover:) You should not think, however, that all blondes are like that. We are all different individuals.
  • Blonde escort model is strong-willed and independent. I am proud to be able to take care of myself and my loved ones. My work and my hobbies bring me both money and pleasure. So it’s a perfect match.

I combine very different traits, so I become a real discovery for my partners. Do you still have doubts and stereotypes about escort models? I have an article 10 Myths About Escort Services just for you.

Why Do Men Like Blondes?

It seems to me that men often feel stronger next to fragile and tender girls. But in fact, an interesting, unpredictable and strong-willed personality can hide behind the image of a vulnerable blonde girl. And that’s even more enticing and attractive, isn’t it? In the course of conducting various experiments, psychologists asked the opinion of the blondes themselves. It turned out that girls with blonde curls are often completely independent and self-sufficient. But in most cases, each of the blondes needs strong protection. As for me, I do not need protection as such, but I long for partnership and romance. Because that’s how the fullness of life opens up for me.

Why do men like blonde escort girls? I think it’s a matter of contrast. Gentle, fragile and bright girl, who turns into a promiscuous tigress in the bedroom, evokes awe, admiration and strong desire.

Would You Like to Go On a Date With Blonde Escort Model? I can be different: tender and passionate, clever and naive, calm and with demons in my eyes, vulnerable and strong. I have long blonde hair, blue eyes, a slim figure and beautiful skin. Furthermore, I love sex, traveling, and life itself. And what are you? I really want to meet you and plunge into a romantic, passionate adventure that we will both remember forever. Ready to meet an independent blonde escort model in Munich or any other city? Fill out the form here and I will answer you very soon.