Escort Service in Kiel


The wind is blowing in your face, the temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold. Dunes with a sandy beach, cozy days in a beach chair, digging for shells with bare feet or simply pushing one pile of sand to another before putting your shoes back on and heading to dinner with your escort in Kiel.

Kiel, the pearl of the north! Almost the northernmost city in the Federal Republic of Germany. Do you have business in Kiel or are you on a city trip in Germany? Regardless of the reason why you have come to this beautiful corner of the north, it is advisable to make sure you have a pleasant companion. Ideal Escort offers the optimal solution as a temporary match-maker: Escort Kiel. Most of our models are based in major German cities, but would love to travel to you to experience Kiel with you.

If you are a true connoisseur of the city of Kiel or have already been there several times, we have nevertheless listed further points here that could make your stay with your Escort Kiel companion a magical experience. We are of course happy to accept personal recommendations for an extended list.


  1. maritime magic with your escort lady Kiel at the Kiel Canal: Kiel is the proud host of the impressive Kiel Canal, a waterway that connects the world’s oceans. Embark on a relaxing canal cruise, observe majestic ships and experience the fascination of the maritime world – pure northern Germany!
  2. Kiel Week – sailing regatta and festival fun: Don’t miss the famous Kiel Week, the largest sailing event in the world. If you are perhaps an enthusiastic sailor yourself or would like to take part, High class Escort Kiel will be happy to cheer you on. Immerse yourself in the lively hustle and bustle, experience exciting sailing regattas and enjoy the festival flair with music, arts and crafts and culinary delights.
  1. historic old town and Holstenstraße: Stroll with an escort lady through the cobbled streets of the historic old town and discover the impressive architecture. Holstenstraße, Kiel’s main shopping street, invites you to stroll through its charming boutiques and cozy cafés.
  2. Kiel sprats and Labskaus – culinary highlights: Enjoy North German culinary delights with Kiel sprats and Labskaus. Let yourself be seduced by the North German flavors, as well as afterwards by an Ideal Escort Lady.
  1. stroll around the port of Kiel: The port of Kiel is not only a busy trading center, but also a place to take a relaxed stroll. Watch the ferries, explore the maritime quarter and let the fresh breeze blow around your nose. Warm each other up with your escort lady Kiel and enjoy how she snuggles up in your arms.
  2. traditional festivals and customs: Experience North German hospitality at traditional festivals and customs. Whether Easter bonfires, autumn markets or Christmas markets – the people of Kiel know how to celebrate together, so nothing stands in the way of an exciting date.
  3. green oases and beaches: Escape from city life in Kiel’s green oases. The Schrevenpark and beaches such as Laboe offer peace and relaxation with a picturesque view of the Baltic Sea.


Kiel is not just a city, but an experience in the north of Germany. Discover the charm, the traditions and the maritime flair of this unique city, and let yourself be enchanted by Kiel and its northern German hospitality as well as by Escort Service Kiel! We provide luxury in stimulating togetherness.

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