IDEAL HIGH-CLASS ESCORT Dinner Date with an Escort

Contrary to the TV series “Dinner Date” on ZDF, which is aimed at a dating show, we at Ideal Escort also offer dinner dates, but here you can freely choose your desired candidate. Whether in an upscale restaurant that serves fine food and exquisite wines or (for regular customers) a joint cooking evening at the customer’s home – your dinner companion will appear in ideal attire and sweeten your evening.

Our escort ladies have outstanding education, excellent manners and well-proportioned bodies with beautiful faces. But this is not about pure erotic escort service. Escort models are entertainers, courtesans of the modern age and impress with their charming appearance on every dinner date. With their loving nature, warm personality and genuine interest in creating beautiful moments, they are convincing all along the line.


To clarify the question of what a dinner date actually is, the following can be said: The interplay of ideal components of a first date. In the escort sector, it is clearly regulated in terms of time, with the date lasting four hours. You will spend around half of this time at the table with a stunningly beautiful escort lady or a sophisticated gentleman. The restaurant visit serves to get to know each other, have stimulating conversations, as well as to strengthen you for the subsequent togetherness. Regular customers can also invite you to their home to enjoy a romantic dinner date. Afterwards, the next two hours are spent in the hotel room with the doors closed. The focus here is on boundless ecstasy for both parties.


The nice thing about a dinner date is that it is comparable to an ordinary date, but you can be sure that it will be a complete success. You go out to a fine restaurant, don’t have to buy any ingredients or put on your apron. A chef will take care of the tasty meal. Someone else can cook on a dinner date or the gentleman can decide to cook at home. Entrecôte or pasta with truffles? Your date will take you into consideration, whatever you prefer.


What do you wear on a dinner date? Simple answer: according to the occasion. Is the dinner date taking place at a gentleman’s home or in an upscale restaurant? If outfit requests have been made, such as a little black dress with suspenders and high heels, you should take this to heart. Ideal escorts are well-dressed, wear subtle make-up and have neither overgrown or chipped nails nor a hairline. An ideal dinner date. The ladies get dressed up without having to worry about canceling shortly beforehand, just like on a Tinder date. It is clear to both parties that this is a romantic evening with an erotic component, if that is what you want. As an independent escort, you decide on your own service.


Dinner dates are the most frequently requested dinner companions, as it is a compact period of time that allows for moments in public as well as in private. What do I wear today will soon be a question that you will no longer ask yourself, as you will quickly develop a feeling for suitable outfits.