The escort Salzburg got into the elevator and was lifted to the top apartment. The doors opened and Keona faced her lover for the night. A successful entrepreneur from Austria who had just returned from Asia the day before and now had the weekend to himself.

Mottled gray hair, laugh lines around his eyes, some hip gold that punctuated his image of a seasoned man, dressed in polo shirt and tailored trousers. He had to smile at the sight of the young escort, as she looked as her photos suggested – if not more beautiful.

Keona and her gentleman had just finished dinner together, prepared by the housekeeper, and decided to end the evening in the new, in-house sauna. Keona let the bathrobe slide over her fair skin, her loose, long black hair nestled against her body. The temperature of the sauna rose after the two closed the glassed-in door behind them. Keona’s straight hair covered one breast, but the well-circulated nipple seemed to divide her hair into strands and peeked out.

Round breasts, hip bones…

The gentleman eyed the escort Salzburg admiringly. The sensuality she radiated, the round breasts, hip bones that made her feminine waist seem even more petite in comparison and the hearty laugh with which Keona had already greeted him.

Warmed up from the sauna, they stepped outside and sat naked in the bubbling hot tub on the rooftop terrace. The cool evening air was a pure relief, as was the feeling of the cold champagne flowing tingly down their throats. There the black-haired escort now sat in Salzburg, next to a very wealthy man, against whose shoulder she leaned her head, with a champagne glass in her hand.

The Austrian businessman heard the subtle perfume scent that seemed to emanate from her hair. After the many days of work, he enjoyed the peace that came to him with the escort girl Salzburg. The delicate figure of the young woman, seemed even more feminine and stimulating next to his stately, hairy body. Her round, firm breasts moved back and forth through the bubbling water and her dark nipples added an exotic touch to the beauty.

The escort felt humble for this moment. Proud that she was desirable by her looks and character and grateful to the universe for just this experience.


Keona turned to the gentleman and kissed him intimately. It seemed as if they were going to melt. The moon above them cast sparkling light on the wet skin of the two. The Gent lifted Escort Salzburg to the edge of the hot tub and she spread her legs. Drops of water slowly beaded down her body. She leaned back and propped herself up on her forearms.

The Salzburg man took the champagne bottle and poured the bubbling bubbly over her bare vagina. Keona giggled due to the cold and the tickling bubbles that burst at her most intimate spot. The entrepreneur approached the wet vagina and began to lick it. With his fingers he gently circled the soft skin of the young woman, who was absorbed in sexual desire and lust. Laying her head back and with her mouth slightly open, she let out a soft moan. She looked up at the starry sky, which seemed to be so much clearer here in Austria than in your hometown of Frankfurt.

The gentleman became more and more aroused at the wet sight and the lust he triggered in the escort lady Salzburg.


By now he was standing in the pool, the water up to his thighs and his cock so hard, as if all the excitement had been focused on just this one moment. He grabbed Keona’s butt and hips and slid her closer to him at the edge of the pool. She grasped his penis and thrust it inside her.

The Gent felt himself filling Escort Austria. The warmth around his penis, the pulsing of his thick boner. He thrust into her again and again, making her breasts bounce and slap the wet skin. Her moans grew louder and faster. The water of the hot tub sloshed around wildly. The two went into complete ecstasy, staring at each other with lust-distorted looks and kissing.

After a restful night of sleep and cuddling, they said goodbye to each other and each went their separate ways. A memory that belonged only to the two of them and that connected them forever.

A fictional story of lust.