Escort Frankfurt in action

Is a future escort Frankfurt lady introducing herself here? Decide for yourself… Emily and Luis had not been in contact for months. By chance they met again one night in a posh dance club in Frankfurt. Techno played wild beats as Emily and her friend moved rhythmically to the music. Both were already well drunk when Emily ordered her next drink at the bar. She was about to hand the note to the barmaid when a card was handed from behind her with the words, “This one’s on me”. Luis stood there and suddenly Emily’s heartbeat increased as their eyes met.

Luis hadn’t changed, rather more muscles had been added, accentuated by the falling light. His right arm was completely covered in tattoos. It didn’t take long for the flirtation to turn into something more. They found themselves in the club toilet. The thump of the music could still be felt on the walls of the cubicle. Emily bit her lower lip looking at Lui’s body. Just the sight of him seemed to make her wet. He smirked at her, knowing what was coming. He pressed her against the cabin wall, holding both her arms with ease through one of his large hands above her head and grasping Emily’s breasts with the other. She had left the bra at home, as most young women do these days when partying. The nipples had been pressing through the tight-fitting fabric all evening. Now they were stiff with excitement.


Luis grabbed both of her soft breasts and kneaded them while kissing Emily’s neck. She abandoned the feigned attempt to resist and gave herself fully to the sexual desire he triggered in her.

His hand slid from her breasts over her flat stomach, further under her skirt. He skillfully pushed her black lacy panties aside and began to stimulate her clitoris. Emily licked her lips with her tongue and closed her eyes.

She released herself from his grip and tampered with his trousers. In everyday life, Emily had a fairly dry office job in Frankfurt, where etiquette and prestige mattered a lot. In this toilet cubicle she found the balance to everyday life. She knelt on the floor in front of Luis, took his stiffening penis in her hand and kissed it. With a playful look she looked up at Luis and put the wet cock in her mouth.


Luis sighed loudly and braced himself against the cabin walls with both hands. His cock had become completely hard by now. Emily knew how to suck well. The blowjob was just perfect and drunk, the lusty whore in Emily seemed to come out even more. Her shirt was still above her breasts from the groping and with the sucking motion her tits swayed slightly back and forth. Luis grabbed her hair into a ponytail with one hand to better watch his cock disappear into her mouth again and again.

Outside the cubicle door were a few people waiting for one of the four toilets to become available. Young women were putting on their make-up, others were chatting, some noticed that a cubicle hadn’t been vacated for a while. Nightlife in Frankfurt, wild and erotic.


Luis hard cock started to get harder and harder, the pressure increased and so he grabbed Emily under the arms and lifted her up. With her 50kg body weight it was an easy one as his warm up weight at the gym was 60kg and the maximum at over 100kg. With his legs spread wide, he held Emily on his forearms in front of him. She held onto his bull neck with one arm and with the other hand rubbed his pleasure dripping cock over her labia and clit until she pushed it into her wet pussy.

She was overcome with a feeling of horniness. To be filled like this. With thrusting movements he fucked Emily in the club toilet in Frankfurt. A young woman with a prestigious office job in a Frankfurt law firm. But at that moment she was just the cock-hungry and aroused woman who gave herself up to being fucked. Her naked breasts bounced, wilder than before.

The smacking of her vagina as she had sex told the queuing club-goers outside the toilet what was going on. Emily moaned. The feeling of his hard, warm penis inside her, the lust in his eyes, together with the respectful dominance made her incredibly horny.


Luis set her down and turned her around. Emily knew what to do. She stuck her bare ass out at him with her panties down. She bent over with her back pressed through and braced her hands against a wall. Her wet pussy throbbed.

Luis pushed his cock into her wet cunt and thrust harder and harder with his pelvis. The drunken Emily enjoyed being taken like this with a slight turmoil in her head. To have her pussy filled and pampered. The arousal was rising, her strength in her arms was draining away. She propped one side of her face against the wall. Her palms leaned helplessly against the wall. All she wanted was to be taken. Emily only wanted to be used. To relinquish all responsibility and control.


Luis took charge of the situation by holding one of her arms loosely, but comparable to a police grip on her back. With the thumb of his other hand, he stroked Emily’s asshole. He circled her rosette and the slut, or better escort Frankfurt, he had created began to moan even more. Luis rammed Emily so hard that she kept banging her head against the cabin wall.

Both of them were so consumed with lust that the Frankfurt clubbers outside the door picked up on the horniness. Luis and Emily literally burst. He pulled out his penis and squirted on her naked back. The warm soup slapped their skin in bumps. They both moaned loudly, enjoying the simultaneous ecstasy. Emily turned around in the small cubicle, sank to her knees and sucked the rest of the sperm from Lui’s cock while slowly the ejaculation flowed down her back. The young woman from Frankfurt felt like seduction personified.

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