IDEAL HIGH-CLASS ESCORT How to Be a Good Client: Dating Rules for Escorts

I want to start my monologue with the fact that I am sincerely grateful to my fate that introduced me to so many great clients. Many of them became my good friends, some became mentors. But still, this is my experience and it is like that. All of them gave me unforgettable experiences and pleasant emotions. I will always cherish these memories.

I write for those people who can become potential clients. For those with whom neither I nor my colleagues have yet been acquainted. We Germany Independent Escorts are eager to meet you. We want this meeting to be held at the highest level, and you may need a little help. For this purpose, I wrote this little guide on how to use escort service.

1. Read my website

The thing I recommend you to start with is to carefully read my website. I assure you that most of the questions that interest you so much can be answered. To do this, please review and read carefully all the information on my website. There, I include such useful info as prices, real photos, etiquette, a description of my personality and much more that can be really useful. After all, by reading all this before a date with an escort Nicole, you will not only save your time but also your efforts and mine as well.

2. No negotiation

Have you already contacted escort Germany? Please do not negotiate protocols and tariffs with me. There are reasons why they are fixed already, so arguing about this will be a huge mistake on your part. We are not here to argue. If you decide on a date with an escort, and the prices I offer are too high for you, just go ahead. There are many options, and you will definitely find what you can afford!

A few words about screening. If escort Germany does not provide for certain restrictions that relate to ethnicity, do not write to us that you are a “muscular white guy”. You will know all these nuances if you read dating rules for escorts. It really works!

3. Play by the rules

I encourage you to be respectful when communicating and meeting with Germany Independent Escorts. Remember two rules. If I do not discuss services, then you should not ask about the menu. If I specify restrictions of any nature, be sure to follow them. And I guarantee that you will remember the date. I believe that you have already read the information that can be found on my website. So, you already have a certain idea of ​​the person with whom you want to meet. If you do not want to read the website, at least check out my Twitter account. Learn more about me!

4. Keep up to make a deal

What do you need to know about this? Agree on donation and keep track of time. Remember that a two-hour meeting is only for two hours and no more. Trying to stretch the meeting, chat longer can lead to inconveniences. After you, I may have other meetings. In hotels, cafes and other spaces you can always find the clock, so pay attention. A few words about the donation for the service. Prepare donation in advance, on the card, in an envelope or like a gift. It is better to immediately resolve all monetary issues, and enjoy a pleasant pastime during the meeting. Please do not make me ask you for payment for the time spent. It will not bring pleasure to any of us.

5. Avoid certain questions and comments

I will help you enjoy your time, you will relax, play one or two fantasies, feel free and get a lot of pleasure. Remember that you should not ask questions of a personal nature. Do not comment on meetings with other escorts. Do not ask questions related to my profession. Perhaps for you, this is just a way to maintain a conversation, but for Germany Independent Escorts, such questions are not appropriate. Therefore, I suggest you look at the list of sample phrases that 100% should not be used during the date.

“What is your real name? When is your birthday? Do you have a boyfriend? What does he think of your profession? Do you have children?

“Tell me which clients you had to work with.”

“Do you have another job? Where exactly?”

“Does it bring you pleasure, or do you do it just for the money?”

“Can we meet again, without payment?”

“Do you like me?”

6. Be clean everywhere

You understand me correctly. Wash your ass and every centimeter down there. Don’t forget about your balls, soap your hands and scrub them nicely in foam. If you have an opportunity to freshen up before you hop into bed with me, take it. If there is a shower, take it. If I offer you a mouthwash, take it. If it is a deodorant, take it.

In the end, I want to add…

Be a decent person. Respect yourself and me too. It is very important! Use my tips, and I will pay you back with crazy sex.