IDEAL HIGH-CLASS ESCORT How to Book a Date With an Independent Escort Model

Booking a date with an awesome escort girl Nicole is just what you need. This article is especially for you.

How escort ladies will brighten up your vacation and much more? How to select an escort to make sure? Spending your leisure time alone is hardly pleasant, especially if you decide to relax in an unfamiliar city. In order not to roam alone along the unknown streets, order yourself an escort service of a professional model Nicole.

My service will not be very cheap, but the time spent on the trip will leave the most positive memories when you find yourself in the company of an attractive lady. I`m a talented and experienced escort professional, and I will offer you the services of the best quality that will meet your requirements.

How to select an escort and book a date

For most people who are going to book a date with an escort girl for the first time, this mission seems impossible. There are many reasons to think so. These can be:

  • lack of experience;
  • various selection requirements;
  • intimidation.

When the rest is a hundred percent successful, we make sure that the choice of a companion is fully consistent with the needs of the customer. So that your preferences concerning the appearance of the model that you want to see next to you during your vacation, her age and experience in the escort exceed all your expectations, I decided to compile quite convenient and hopefully very useful infographics with a step-by-step description of how the process of booking an escort and preparing your dates with a stunning beauty looks like.

Select an escort – 7 steps to make a good choice

1. Read carefully! Have you already visually decided on a companion from an international high-class escort? Then the next thing you need to do is read the ad, website or profile. It will be important here to find out the selection requirements, pricing, etiquette, as well as the ways to communicate with the lady. I also suggest that you should look through my account before the meeting. I`m sure you will find lots of pleasant info.

2. Now it’s your turn. Have information about yourself at hand, be prepared to provide an ID, proof of employment, LinkedIn profile or another form of verification. Maybe you’ve seen other escorts and want to use them as references – don`t forget to contact them ahead and provide their contact information.

3. I advise you to plan. It would be nice to reserve the day, time and duration of the meeting with me beforehand. Contact me a few days before you want to meet. It would be nice to sort things out!

4. Email me. A good email is the one with all the necessary information. Written clearly, politely – such a letter will certainly attract my attention. I offer you my example, although I understand that your imagination has no limits.

Hello Nicole,

It’s Mike writing to you. I would like to book a meeting with you. I found you on Twitter, and I was fascinated by your deep and passionate look. Is it possible to meet with you this Thursday (October 16) at 8 pm for 2 hours in your area?

My recommendations are […] You can have a look at my LinkedIn profile which can be found by clicking on the link […]

Please let me know if you still have questions regarding my identity. I look forward to seeing you!



Three reasons why you should write such a fantastic email. The letter is:

  • Well-written and polite.
  • Specific in the appointment request.
  • It provides the necessary information for screening, as well as contact information with links.

5. The next step is to confirm the meeting. Have you booked a date already? Confirm the meeting a day before to avoid glitches and troubles, so that the international high-class escort lady Nicole knows that you have not changed your mind and everything is going according to the plan.

6. Little remains – to prepare for the meeting. I advise you to read my article on how to become a great client. I am sure that all the tips and tricks described there will help you spend an unforgettable time with me.

7. Enjoy the date! Be relaxed and have a great time with me! I`ll make your dreams come true.

How to book a date with Nicole

I am sure that you will take advantage of my advice with pleasure, prepare for the long-awaited meeting, and we will have a great time together. We will be able to fully enjoy each other’s bodies and remember this meeting for a long time. All you have to do is fill out the form. Indicate in as much detail as possible everything that interests you, and we will definitely meet!

Hurry up! I`m burning just when thinking about YOU!