IDEAL HIGH-CLASS ESCORT How to Pleasure a Woman Like Never Before

As a woman with rich sexual experience, I would like to share some tips for men. We are going to talk about the best ways to pleasure a girl. Intrigued?

Ways of Satisfying a Woman

Everyone knows simple truth: if your partner is happy in bed, you’ll feel the same. The sexual behavior of males and females differs. The approach to women is generally more complex.

If you know how to satisfy a woman physically, that is not enough! First things first: start with building an emotional connection with your partner.

  • Create relaxed atmosphere. Take your lady to a restaurant or cook tasty dinner by yourself. She will appreciate that for sure!
  • Be an attentive listener. It helps in getting closer.
  • Start slowly. Foreplay is vital in satisfying a girl in bed! The hotter she gets, the easier keeping her sexual arousal is.
  • Pay attention to her response. The body reactions tell a lot about what to do next.
  • Do not be harsh, unless asked to. Find out what she likes.

By following these simple steps, you will let your lover experience unforgettable erotic pleasure!

Satisfy a Girl after Marriage

Making your sweetheart happy in bed gets much easier in marriage. You can learn her preferences step by step and improve sexual skills together. With loved and trusted partners, exploring the bodies of each other brings lots of joy. For plunging deeper into this topic, I recommend reading my article ‘Best tips for long time in bed’. You may find some of my secret tips there.

Ways to Heat Up the Night

Thank God, we do not live in the Victorian age. Sex and orgasm topics are not tabooed. You can always use various sources in your search for answers. I can share my experience too as a high-class escort model.

Do you still doubt how to pleasure a woman in bed? Make things spicy!

  • Let your lady know about your playful mood. Leave notes, share explicit messages or nasty pictures.
  • Tease her lovingly – by sudden passionate kisses on lips or neck, tender touches, smacks.
  • Buy her sexy lingerie. You will kill two birds with one stone: make your lady happy and get an erotic show for yourself. She will enjoy demonstrating that hot looks!
  • Offer using some toys. There are many of them available in sex shops. It won’t hurt asking her opinion about them in advance: vaguely and without pressure. Even if your partner has never tried them before, it does not mean she has never thought of it. Girls may need some little encouragement!
  • Prepare a hot bath or take a shower together. This will help get relaxed.

Pleasing your wife in bed is not rocket science! Just go for it!

How To Pleasure A Woman In Bed

If you think that size matters, I’m going to burst that bubble. It matters, but your tool does not need to be huge to bring pleasure. Just use it right! You should do everything very carefully and not hurt your girl. Otherwise, you can forget about the successful outcome.

I would like to finish this article with some general but most important pieces of advice.

  • Wash your body properly and change your bed. Satisfying a girl in bed is much easier when everything is clean and nothing distracts her attention.
  • Learn your partner’s erogenous zones. Work with them nicely before proceeding to the main intercourse. Make sure all the places are lubricated properly. You may use lubes or your mouth, fingers and tongue. Ladies adore that!
  • Act slowly. Be extremely attentive.

I hope these tips will help you in becoming a skillful lover