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  • Living like a king

    The love affairs of kings were often as wicked as they were exciting. Many kings had the comforts of trysts with mistresses. Passionate relationships grew out of them. These relationships were usually kept secret and were extremely tempting because of this component. Kings used their power to seduce their mistresses, and the women enjoyed the attention, as well as the luxurious life they received in return. Some of the most famous queens were mistresses, including Marie Antoinette, Queen of France. She represented the mistress of King Louis XVI and became famous worldwide because of her affair with the king. Marie Antoinette enjoyed life in the royal palace and the interest in her person that she gained from other women. Anna Karenina was also a mistress. She had an affair with the Russian Tsar Alexander II. Anna Karenina is known as a very passionate lady and enjoyed the exciting life she was given as a mistress. Our high class escorts are mistresses of the present time and offer escort services at the highest level. Unlike kings, the passionate arragements with IDEAL High Class Escorts are discreet and take place without the knowledge of your environment, so you and your luxury escort lady can enjoy the rendezvous to the fullest without hesitation.

  • Courtesan the modern

    As a luxury escort, the courtesan is the first choice. Her beauty, charisma and style are unsurpassed. The courtesan is a master of seduction and knows exactly how to make a man crazy about her. She is a perfect companion for any occasion, whether it is a business dinner, a romantic rendezvous or a wild night of passion. A courtesan is more than just a beautiful woman. She is a well-read companion who knows how to pamper a man and make him happy. Her love skills are legendary and she knows exactly what a man needs to properly relax and enjoy himself. No matter what you desire, the courtesan will enchant you and fulfill all your dreams. This is exactly what IDEAL High Class Escort stands for. Escort service of the perfect kind. The love affairs of the wealthy are often exciting and passionate. Many courtesans are very attractive and have a strong personality. They are very seductive and take their lovers into a world of sensuality and luxury. Our courtesans are also very educated and can offer interesting conversations to their lovers. They know how to pamper a man and fulfill all his desires. Men are attracted to them and can not resist their art of seduction.

  • Unhesitating affair

    Men dream of a woman who is not only pretty and sexy, but also intelligent and cosmopolitan. An escort for special occasions, much more than "just" a beautiful face. The perfect mistress for a time - this is probably the best way to describe an escort lady. Because an escort lady is exactly that: an attractive companion for business or private occasions, with whom you can both entertain and enjoy yourself. But what actually makes the attraction of an affair with an escort lady? Why do more and more men choose to satisfy their needs in this kind of love affair? Escorts are usually independent and free in their time management - of course, this also means that they are neither jealous nor controlling towards their lovers. They just want to be adequately compensated for the time they offer. Beyond that, there is no stress or pressure - everything is relaxed. For many men, it is precisely this form of relationship that they are looking for: Uncomplicated and without obligations and yet fulfilling to the highest degree.