Fee class: I

Age: 22

Height: 174

Weight: 56

Eyes: blue

Hair: blonde

Languages: german, english, spanish

Locations: Hamburg

About me

Exclusive Escort

Dear Gentleman, I am Astride – an escort in her early 20s. I live near Hamburg, but would like to move to a big city soon and be fully independent. I am still in training, which I will complete towards the end of the year. In the field of exclusive escorts I am a novice, but I learn well and with pleasure and I am very open-minded sexually.

Especially at my current age, I am curious about everything and find it exciting to try new things. Whether outstanding restaurants, upscale hotels or to test the beds in exactly these – I like to be the beautiful companion at your side, eager to learn and soak up everything.

On my to-do list is: Eat oysters! I don’t even know if I like them, I just really want to try it. Maybe you’ll allow me to do that on our exclusive date? I’ll try to return the favor.

Agency summary

Astride has just turned 22 years old when she applied to us. A beautiful young courtesan from a suburb of Hamburg. Her absolute desire is to experience something of life, hence her plan to move out from her parents’ house. That was pretty much the first thing that the exclusive escort lady told us.

She is a young soul, her nature is very youthful, but incredibly kind. A politely educated girl who knows how to say please and thank you. Only there is a twinkle in her eyes, which only lets us guess how the young woman behaves behind the closed doors.

We recommend booking Astride exclusively individually or by couples who like to take the lead themselves or at least it is not the first threesome. Her submissive and studious tendencies promise exciting experiences.

Regarding her physique, it should be said that the exclusive escort has an exceedingly pretty face. Her breasts are pleasantly large and fill a good man’s hand. Her legs are soft, on which man will lie comfortably. Astride is a warm-hearted woman for whom we are looking for matches who appreciate exactly that.

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