Fee class: II

Age: 28

Height: 178

Weight: 54

Eyes: green

Hair: brown

Languages: german, english, spanish

Locations: Frankfurt | Munich

About me

Playing with power relations

Hi, I am Anna and I have already gained experience in the hobby of seductress. My main job is as a lawyer and I am currently finishing the tax lawyer. I like to hike in the mountains on weekends (which is perfect for me as a Munich native), go out with my girlfriends and enjoy my precious free time with Ideal Escort Dates. Since I find men, as well as women very attractive, I am also happy to receive requests from couples or men with a desire for a duo date with another escort lady. Open-minded towards erotic adventures and with a lot of knowledge in my head, I certainly offer my counterpart a varied date that asks for repetition.


Agency summary

Cheerful, confident and somewhat dominant – that’s the first impression we got from Escort Anna from Munich. In the course of the conversation with her, this impression solidified. At just under thirty, she was already allowed to gain experience as a courtesan and is very open to eroticism. Shoulder-length brown hair and green eyes flatter your slim and athletic figure. As self-confident she is, as submissive and curious she is behind closed doors.

An escort service date with the educated, young woman inspires, as she seems to unite some opposites in herself. Whether light bondage games or strict submission, this woman desires the role of the submissive playmate.


  • What made you decide to become an escort lady?
    In short: lack of time and sexual desire. As a lawyer, I am quite busy and challenged every day. On weekends I study to finish my tax accountant this year. In my little free time, I like to be able to count on having a good time. Casual dating is unfortunately not for me. When I date, I enjoy stimulating conversation and exciting sex. Preferably with experienced men who know what they want.
  • Would you like to go into more detail about your erotic preferences?
    Even if few expect it from me, I serve the cliché: in everyday life I carry a lot of responsibility and give this in the bedroom gladly. I submit and let things take their course without falling into the "starfish attitude". I love sex with dominant men, but equally intimate intercourse, as if we were a couple.
  • Tell us about your favorite place...
    Even though I moved back to Munich, the excursion to Berlin was fantastic. I lived there for about two years and loved the wild, creative stuff. Accordingly, it's a whole city that I've taken to my heart and of course I look forward to Berlin dates extremely ;)

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