Fee class: II

Age: 24

Height: 173

Weight: 53

Eyes: brown

Hair: brown

Languages: german, english, spanish

Locations: Berlin | Frankfurt | London

About me

London beauty

Hi, I’m glad to have piqued your interest. I am a 24 year old young woman who currently lives in London due to my job. Here I work as a financial advisor and am quite busy. Therefore, I would like to use my free time, especially the weekends, to make new contacts. As an escort I am looking forward to exciting domiciles, good food in various restaurants, as well as exciting dates. For the holidays, I regularly fly to my hometown in Germany to visit my family and friends. I always love to be on the road. I have already lived in New York, Paris and Munich.

Even though I am quite career-focused professionally, I enjoy being all woman and living my soft side even more in my free time. I like to seduce with my appearance and enjoy the hedonistic side with a lover. I pay a lot of attention to my appearance, healthy diet and feminine clothes.


Agency summary

Jasmin is an impressive young woman, with an even more impressive resume. She lives in the fast lane and will be a manager of a big company one day, we are sure. Extremely long brown hair that reaches her belly button, fawn eyes and large breasts emphasize her naturally, feminine appearance. Her posture resembles a noble one, she is the definition of a lady. Her slender figure emphasizes the daintiness of the whole person. However, her blouses tighten around her ample breasts, suggesting sexual open-mindedness.

Professionally as well as behind closed doors, the young courtesan knows what she wants and how to reach it. This was also one of her secrets that she confided in us and which we may reveal here. Seduction through and through. Even superiors can not resist…


  • What made you become an escort lady?
    The seduction is me. It gives me a real feeling of elation to be able to visibly wrap experienced men around my finger. I feel comfortable in the role as mistress, as a wicked secret of an experienced man. Offering escort service also combines to gain a financial advantage, through what I enjoy anyway.
  • Do you want to cater to your erotic preferences?
    I like my big breasts and how men react to them. When it comes to eroticism, I love to use them actively - however it may be ;)
  • Tell us about your favorite place...
    Since I love to travel so much, I love the new discoveries you can make. Whether it's a tropical island, a wellness hotel in the mountains or a city break. I don't have a favorite place in that sense. I always like to travel to different domiciles.
  • Share with us your idea of a perfect date...
    A "fly me to you." I get booked for a short trip. Get on the plane to meet a gentleman in an exotic location. We meet at the luxury hotel, lock arms and can feel the erotic tension between us from the start. The day passes with a day filled with undertakings. After good food and drinks we can hardly wait to reach the hotel room. In the elevator already begins a wild fumbling, which finally ends in the room in exciting sex on all the furniture.
  • What are your reasons for working with ideal high class escort agency?
    It is a modern escort agency and you can tell. There are some that advertise that they have been on the market for 20 years. Ideal gives you the feeling that it's all about us models. They cater to the personalities and convey accordingly. Moreover, it resembles a boutique agency with a few select girls and not a placement on mass. I don't want to seem cynical, I just mean that the management at Ideal Escort can and will actually get to know us in order to create the best possible matches on time.

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