Fee class: III

Age: 25

Height: 177

Weight: 52

Eyes: brown

Hair: brown

Languages: german, englisch, french, italian, spanish

Locations: Hamburg | Zurich

About me

Premium Escort Julina

My name is Julina, currently I am in the 8th semester of my medical studies and I am a native of Switzerland. However, the study is in the beautiful city of Hamburg. I always knew that I would like to become a doctor, so I have been striving for excellent grades in school from the very beginning.

Besides studying, I like to be out and about with friends and try out new locales. I would be happy to do the same with you if you would enjoy it. For ideas, I can serve with a complete list of restaurants/bars that sound promising.

Otherwise, I enjoy the little free time with good dates and to make sure they succeed, I would like to try my luck as a premium escort.

Agency summary

Noble pallor, delicate skin and a gentle nature – in short, you read the description of Premium Escort Julina. The mid-twenties medical student has an outstanding resume (which she showed us when we got to know her), is multilingual and beautiful as a picture. Not only does the young woman have a delicate appearance, but her handshake during the application was tenderly feminine, as were all of her gestures. She could be compared to a young deer if she were not so beautiful, of human nature….

With her model-like legs, she approached us in elegant, simple garb. She wears hardly any make-up, a discreet, flowery fragrance and convinces with her naturalness.

The Premium Escort is suitable for gents who want to have truly stimulating conversations or shine in front of colleagues, with an educated escort lady, without even the slightest suspicion that it is a noble courtesan.

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