Fee class: I

Age: 29

Height: 169

Weight: 54

Eyes: blue

Hair: black

Languages: german, englisch, russian

Locations: Cologne

About me

Seduction through an escort date

Hello, I am Runa and I live in Cologne. Just under thirty now, I have long black hair (which is free of extensions) and have light blue eyes. I love to travel and explore new places.

What interests me most about the hobby of being a seductress is constantly meeting new interesting people. Learning about them, what makes them tick, what interests them and their view on things. Quickly, I make connections with people I meet. Due to my empathetic nature, it is easy to respond to my counterpart. Gladly I read your wishes from your lips and look forward to spending a heavenly time together with you. May I be your personal seduction?

Agency summary

Runa is our newest addition and we are happy to welcome her to Ideal. At just under 30, she is an experienced woman who has some interesting stories to tell through her life experience. With wit and charm she tells of travels and exciting excursions that it is easy to sit back and listen to her. She does not talk without sense and reason – however, if you want to have a good time with your escort date who has a lot to tell, Runa is the perfect choice.

At 1.69m, the escort date is relatively small, compared to our other ladies. Curvaceous is her body, a striking face that hints at her Russian roots underline her exotic appearance. Rely on the fact that her light blue eyes will enchant you, because penetrating is the look of the date, so that you can not let go of her. She combines so much beauty in her person that we are thrilled every time we talk to her and can only recommend everyone to take the chance to spend time with this escort date.

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