IDEAL HIGH-CLASS ESCORT What is a oralsex blowjob?

The colloquial term blowjob refers to oralsex, also known as cunnilingus (for women) or fellatio (for men). More precisely, it refers to sexual acts in which an escort or you use your mouth, lips and tongue.

Contrary to the 1:1 translation of the English word blow, the escort girl sucks on the penis. Blowjobs can be performed in many different ways. Whether in a relaxed mood, as a couple in the hotel room during the escort meeting or very wickedly when you attend an official event, such as a theater performance, with your escort behind an ajar door.

The escort lady kneels down in front of you with her pants open, looks at you with wide, expectant eyes and bites her lower lip seductively. The escort takes the penis in her mouth and sucks on it so that it becomes stiff or harder. During a sensual blowjob, the escort moves her head so that the penis slides in and out of her mouth.

What does a blowjob feel like?

What exactly a blowjob feels like is probably better described by the men among you. But one thing is certain – the friction caused by the recurring suction of the penis in the escort lady’s mouth comes close to the feeling of sexual intercourse. Some men find sensual blowjobs or deepthroats more intense than conventional vaginal sex, as the escort lady gives the penis a “tighter” feeling due to the different pressure she creates with her mouth.

The tip of the penis is one of the most sensitive. By varying the blowjob, the woman can also play with the penis with her tongue or lips without putting it in her mouth all the time. Light nibbling, licking, sucking or supporting the penetration with the hands on the testicles or anus can make the blowjob an unforgettably erotic practice.

What do women think during a blowjob or cum in mouth?

What women think during a blowjob is of course also different. However, ideal escort ladies enjoy seeing the sexual pleasure and excitement in your eyes. Escorts enjoy the ecstasy they create with you. Role-playing during oral sex can make the blowjob an interesting sexual act: can the escort lady tease you and stop blowing you every now and then to delay your orgasm? Many men find a delayed orgasm more intense and longer. Or would you like to have power over the escort and playfully order her to give you a blowjob? Consensus is a prerequisite.

Cum in mouth – cum

Another Anglicism, because in German cum in mouth means “to come in the mouth”. Cum in the mouth of the sex partner who is giving the blowjob. Cum in mouth, like all intimacies with a partner, must be clarified. It is advisable to use a condom during oral sex to prevent communicable diseases. A variation of cum in mouth is cum on face. Some men, as well as women, find it extremely arousing to see the cum in the other person’s mouth, face or body.

Sensual blowjob

The more tender version of the blowjob is less about living out erotic porn fantasies and more about sensual oral sex. In a sensual blowjob, the escort takes the penis less “hard” and caresses it instead. She kisses, licks and sucks without resembling a porn star. Loud choking and smacking noises are just as out of place during a sensual blowjob as a forced deepthroat (the penis is pushed as deep as possible into the throat of the sex partner).