Fee class 1

  • Up to 2 h € 900€
  • Up to 3 h € 1100€
  • Up to 4 h € 1300€
  • Up to 6 h € 1500€
  • Up to 8 h € 1700€
  • Up to 12h € 2100€
  • Up to 18 h € 2400€
  • Up to 24 h € 2900€
  • Up to 48 h € 3900€

Fee class 2

  • Up to 2 h € 1100€
  • Up to 3 h € 1400€
  • Up to 4 h € 1600€
  • Up to 6 h € 1800€
  • Up to 8 h € 2100€
  • Up to 12 h € 2800€
  • Up to 18h € 3400€
  • Up to 24 h € 3900€
  • Up to 48 h € 4900€

Fee class 3

  • Up to 2 h € 1300€
  • Up to 3 h € 1500€
  • Up to 4 h € 1700€
  • Up to 6 h € 1900€
  • Up to 8 h € 2300€
  • Up to 12 h € 3000€
  • Up to 18 h € 3600€
  • Up to 24 h € 5500€
  • Up to 48 h € 7000€

each date requires a deposit

minimum booking and travel costs

  • Lady´s Homebase up to 2hours no extra fee
  • Travel up to 150 km from home 4 hours rate + 150,00 EUR
  • Journey within Germany from 6 hours + 300,00 EUR depending on ticket for flight/train
  • Arrival Europe min 12 hours + 300,00 EUR + flight ticket
  • Other countries min 24 hours + 350,00 EUR + flight ticket

Ideal is an international high class escort service agency that arranges exclusive dates with models. High demands are served with us. Wild fantasies are lived, experiences are shared and adventures are celebrated. Whether short, erotic encounter or as a travel companion.

Sophisticated gents are taken away from everyday life and matched with exclusive ladies from all over the world. As a dinner escort in a professional environment, you can enjoy the eloquence of your chosen escort lady, as well as the evening escort to an opera or the short, electrifying time out. Why not opt for a sensual travel escort to the domicile of your choice – regardless of your request: sit back and let yourself be enchanted by the exquisite escort service.

We mainly focus on longer booking periods, that you can build a connection with each other and fully enjoy the Girlfriend Experience.

All Ideal Models are available globally and will visit you in any city you choose upon request. Accordingly, travel costs outside the home town of the lady, which must be transferred in advance.

If you have specific wishes for your booked rendezvous, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you make your dreams come true.

All the love,

Ideal International Escort Agency

Do you have specific questions or preferences, contact us.

Which hobbies, preferences or personality traits the respective lady has, you will find in the setcards.

Whatever expectations you have of the escort date, we cater to your needs. Physically and mentally. Trust us with your erotic desires and let them come true. Whether the focus is on a deep connection and intimacy or on physical intimacy – savor the escort date and the sizzling eroticism, as well as unforgettable, magical moments.

– Each date requires a deposit – for new clients
– Please hand over the outstanding fee in cash within the first 5 minutes without being asked.
– The models expect you to be freshly showered and have brushed your teeth.
– Place the envelope in clear view so the escort model can tally it.
– Models do not make house calls on first dates.
– Never overstay your booked time.
– The place where we spend time is to be arranged by you.

Unfortunately, it can happen that in the private or professional context it comes to an incident and you have to cancel the already booked & confirmed date. In such cases, please inform us immediately in writing so that we can forward the cancellation to the escort lady.
Of course, we will look for a new date together with you to make up for the rendezvous.

If you decide (in less than 24 hours before the date) to cancel the meeting completely (without a make-up date), a cancellation fee of 25% of the fee, including the advanced travel expenses of the model. Travel tickets cannot be cancelled by airlines or railroads.

In the rarest cases something comes up on the part of the escort model. If it does, we will let you know immediately and suggest another escort who will be happy to visit you. If you reject the proposal and do not wish to make up an appointment with the original model, we will transfer the deposit back to you.

We thank you for your understanding.

At Ideal Escort Agency we have different fee classes. The models are categorized by their level of education, professional background, appearance and affiliation with the agency and the related demand from clients. Some of our escort models are persons of public interest, as they act as actors, presenters, fashion models or social media influencers. Such notoriety leads to the fact that they are also placed in a higher fee category.

All our escort ladies are bookable from 2 hours in their hometown. They are happy to accept longer bookings, where the connection with you can be intensified. But also compressed dates of short booking duration find appeal. Outside of the models’ hometown, travel costs are incurred, which you can see above. Travel expenses include airline and train tickets that transport the models to the location of your choice.

We attach great importance to the exclusivity of our models, meaning that our Ideal Agency ladies are listed exclusively with our agency. Should it happen that you find one of our models at another agency, please feel free to contact us and tell us about it. It is important to us that Ideal Agency escorts carry out the activity as escort ladies on a part-time basis and therefore prove loyalty to our exclusivity.

We are proud to offer you our high class escorts also for your personal time out, like vacation trips. As our escort service is luxury, our prices are set accordingly. We address the cultivated gentleman who appreciates the combination of high education, fashion model appearance and human cordiality and is looking for exactly that. Nevertheless, our fee categories are relative to the time to be enjoyed during an escort vacation.

We would like to emphasize that Ideal Escort Agency acts exclusively as an agency platform and the ladies work on a self-employed basis. We as an agency have made it our business to create profiles, maintain the website and mediate the models. This means that requests are forwarded, agreed with the models and returned to you.

Accordingly, the contractual relationship is exclusively between the model and the client. For claims of third parties, the agency can not be held liable and serves expressly as an advertising platform.

Since 01.07.2017, the ProstSchG applies in Germany. Please inform and observe this.

Please discuss the erotic preferences of the escort ladies with the lady personally on site. These are preferences that do not necessarily have to be implemented. The implementation is decided by the ladies depending on the situation. For paraphrases, we have compiled an ideal erotic encyclopedia, which you are welcome to take a closer look.