IDEAL HIGH-CLASS ESCORT What does VIP or Elite Escort Mean?

There is no consensus or respectful source clearly and comprehensively defining elite escort. However, it should be done for the services I deliver. VIP escort services define my vision of me, the services, the clients, and sex in particular. It is important to consider all the parts of intercourse:

  • esthetic experience;
  • emotional experience;
  • pleasure;
  • health;
  • mutual desire;
  • novelty;
  • easiness.

I need to consider all of these aspects. In this article, I would like to dwell on the components of elite escort and share some of my views.

Who is VIP Escort Model?

Let us first break down the features of an elite model and then talk about some important philosophic and psychological aspects of model – client interaction.

Here are the traits of an elite escort model and me in particular.

1. Immaculate appearance. I think that every person is beautiful. Really. Yet we present our beauty differently. VIP escort model in Germany is a woman with ideal skin, healthy hair, slim body, and general tidy look.

2. Beauty routines. This is the continuation of the previous clause. I have great genetics, but my body requires constant care. Without the latter, all the natural prerequisites do not matter. I always keep to my beauty routine: from the top of my head to the end of my toes. I spend a lot of time and money to maintain a perfect look.

3. Clothes. The clothes and body underneath it is really important for a VIP model in Germany. A smart style for different events and leisure signalizes not only about a taste in clothes but also about personal politeness. Everything matters, from underwear to exquisite earrings.

4. Constant self-education. When I meet clients of different age, I strive to be a pleasant companion and make conversation on different topics. I am interested in a lot of areas, enjoy reading and discovering something new. In addition, I like to be aware of current events and holidays.

5. Good manners and soft skills. All strive for the people to feel good in my company, no matter whether it is our first or hundredth meeting. I care about the way I talk and behave in public. I am also an easy-going person.

6. Health. It is the cornerstone of my service. I assure my perfect health. Our sex will never turn out uncomfortable for you and your subsequent partners. I take medical tests more often than others to be sure I do not have STDs or other illnesses. In addition, we can only have protected sex because I care about the health of both of us.

7. Diversity in bed. This is the first thing people have in mind when thinking about VIP Escort Services. As you can see, it takes only the seventh place in my rating. However, I still find it very important. I really do. I want for our sex to stay a pleasant memory with you. Thus, it is a comprehensive experience. You can find the list of my services here.

8. International escort and travelingAn important part of my work is being ready to pack up and travel to the other city, country or even continent. I am accustomed to travelling, yet I still find it exciting. Opening the world and other cultures definitely enriches our outlook, makes people more open, confident and satisfied with life. We can meet wherever you wish.

9. Mutual desire. Elite escort services are unthinkable without the model’s satisfaction. Some may get an Oscar for a well-played role in bed. But it will not be sincere. I love sex. My excitement is genuine, and my emotions are real.

10. Marketing. I spend a lot of funds to create an esthetic and comfortable virtual space for my current and potential clients. Thus, I post important information, share my thoughts, add new photos by talented photographers, and talk to you.

Elite Escort implies genuine relations between two people

You need to understand that in VIP-escort both you and me matter. Our date is a part of our relations, with a clear duration indication. We do not count on more, yet in short term, we get the best of us. I do care about your satisfaction, but my desires are also important. Outside the industry, people may find it strange that an escort model should also enjoy sex, yet for real intimacy, it is a necessity. Thus, I do not run an extra mile or act as a robot. There are no scenarios, prepared phrases or moans. I am always “here and now”, living through our great adventure.

And one more thing…

Easiness is important for VIP escort. Hardship or urgent problems did not lead me here. I chose to be an escort model and I like it. My income does not depend on the number of dates I go on. I find my work deeply satisfying. Thus, I can afford setting a high price for my services, and I enjoy every single meeting. Yet I can easily refuse a request and not lose a thing. Escort is an important part of my life. So are travels, romantic relations, and flirt. I feel attractive, confident, and open. Let us share a day or a longer period. Shall we meet in Berlin? Would you like ordering an escort to Cologne? Or do you prefer Prague? Please fill in the form on this page, and let our adventure begin.