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    At Ideal we are looking for exciting, interesting and attractive models with recognition value. We are all unique in this world and through our femininity desirable for the man. Use your potential for a lucrative hobby, such as escort service and allow yourself to make perhaps the most beautiful memories. Do you feel underestimated by some of your fellow men? Why not have a secret all to yourself, so take the opportunity to escort application. Or add some spice to your life and write chapters of a special kind in your life. We open doors to another world for you to get your dream job. Step inside and enjoy the comforts that life has to offer.
    If you already have experience as an escort or would like to try out this passion, please contact us with a meaningful application. Together we can find out if a cooperation would be a pleasure for both parties.
    As a cordial agency management, we look forward to your escort application and subsequent personal meeting. Leave your reservations and possible shyness behind and apply, at our fresh, eloquent and highly exclusive escort service agency.

    our offeralignment of a potential harmony
    – Meeting at eye level, creating a respectful environment.
    – Exciting rendezvous in first class hotels, international resorts and fine dining in exquisite restaurants.
    – Worldwide requests for luxury travel.
    – An upscale and distinctive work environment awaits you.
    – Accessibility of the agency around the clock.
    – Meetings with clients of the upscale lifestyle.
    – Experienced agency management with foresight.
    – A special atmosphere created by commitments and mutual support.
    – Our experienced management connects your peron with suitable clientele. This composition will bring you further and pave a successful course of your booking.
    – Intensive and individual preparation for the first meetings.
    – Assistance and advice in all matters concerning escort (taxes, registrations, etc.)
    – Professional shooting with an empowered photographer who respects personal boundaries, resulting in a trusting and exuberant atmosphere.
    – The successful work of style, manner and exclusive taste for aesthetics are three essential aspects of a successful agency.You are in your 20s or 30s.
    – You do not smoke, fitness is your passion and therefore a healthy lifestyle.
    – You attract attention with your attractive appearance, which you underline with fashionable elegance.
    – Your body is free of tattoos, piercings, extensions and implants.
    – You offer Gardemaße 32 or well-proportioned curves to 42.
    – By nature “open-minded” you have a penchant to try and please.
    – The mixture of charm, empathy and cordiality, as well as your intelligence makes you a pleasant company.
    – Discreet make-up and suitable accessories emphasize your appearance, dressed in garments suitable for all occasions.
    – Clean skin, well-groomed teeth and exemplary posture
    – You challenge and stimulate your intellect by following news about politics, economics and world events.
    – Etiquette manners were instilled in you as a child.
    – You are employed or studying. Thus, you offer an interesting person, with stimulating conversations.
    – Your flexibility in terms of time, your open-mindedness towards foreign cultures and religions, as well as your fluent English and German (High German is a prerequisite) increase your chances of being booked.
    – A clear separation of private and business matters is a matter of course for you.
    – The composition of education, appearance and effect on clients decides on your classification in various fee classes. If the demand of our clients for your person intensifies, we will gladly support you to reach the next level.

    Escort Casting Questions

    • What background should you have if you are applying to be an Ideal Escort?

      Have you read through the requirements that you should bring as a potential Ideal Escort and match them with your person - so you are excellently suited to pass the application with flying colors and to be accepted by us.

    • What criteria should be considered when choosing an agency?

      In short: many. Throughout Germany there are a variety of escort agencies. Here it comes to a challenge to choose the right one. The "best-ranked" does not have to be an indicator of quality. Visit the different websites and get an impression of the presentation of the models, the texts, as well as the fees. Apply to an agency that values getting to know you personally, so you can assess whether a future collaboration goes hand in hand with respect and humanity, or whether your gut feeling will keep you from signing a contract.

    • Why Ideal Agency?

      As a member of our agency, you are our protégé and our clientele our client. It is up to us to bring you together in a harmonious symbiosis so that you can make the most of this encounter.

    • What is the composition of the Ideal Agency team?

      The team of Ideal Agency consists of the managing director, as well as a team of IT-men, who ensure the security and up-to-dateness of the website, a professional, multi-member shooting team (under female leadership of the photographer), who puts you in the best light, as well as a marketing team and SEO experts. For legal matters, a law and tax firm is responsible and represents us.

    • Which personalities make bookings with Ideal Agency?

      If you are looking for a diverse mix of dates, we are the right agency for you. Because our bookings come from well-known personalities, politicians, managers and board members, academics, athletes and entrepreneurs. All these liquid clients trust in our expertise, discretion and professionalism in the placement of exceptional beauties. Our regular clientele is growing visibly - but we are also happy to welcome new clients, with our usual cordiality.

    • What is the process of a date like?

      A date remains a date. Therefore, there are here the most diverse development possibilities. Of course, it also depends on the length of the booked time. A typical "dinner date" of about four hours begins with a meeting in a hotel lobby. Usually the gentleman invites you to a meal in the restaurant or a drink at the bar at the beginning. This will give you time to get to know each other and create a wonderful foundation. Then escort him to his hotel room and deepen the conversation or intensify the togetherness at will.

    • Can you count on the support of the agency?

      Yes, we are available around the clock for our escorts who are "on duty". Especially for inexperienced beginners in the industry, we are happy to help with words and deeds. Before each date you will receive a briefing or a kind of coaching, so that you can enjoy your date with confidence and let it work on you.

    • Who defines the booking period?

      It is up to you how available and flexible in time you are. When we receive a booking request from a client, we forward it to you. You decide how we can use your time and correspond your response to the client accordingly. If you are interested in shorter meetings, we pass this increased availability on to the client.

    • What kind of earnings can you expect as an escort?

      How much you earn as an escort depends on various factors. On the one hand, your time availability and flexibility, on the other hand also your external appearance, level of education, fluency and ability to connect with your counterpart. If a customer can completely let himself go in your presence, you give him the feeling of emotional closeness (for the booking period), are able to hold intellectual conversations, captivate with your charm and enchant with your appearance, then the probability is high to receive Rebooks and thus a regular customer. Possibly also longer bookings result from it, as well as inquiries to the travel company. In addition, a higher fee class is not a guarantee for a high number of bookings. A lower fee class is recommended in order to start building a relationship with customers and to gain their trust over a certain period of time. After that, nothing stands in the way of a fee development.

    • What costs should I expect?

      The only costs that are borne by you are those of your shooting. In order to be represented at our agency and generate customer inquiries, we put you in the limelight with the help of a professional photographer. Together with her assistant, high quality photos will be taken of you. We will gladly assist you with the costs at the beginning by advancing the money and you will pay the costs back to us in installments. Accordingly, we offset this against your bookings. As an agency fee, we receive a commission for each booking made.

    • What is the cancellation period for Ideal Escort Agency?

      You can cancel at any time and without giving any reason. However, we pursue a longer-term cooperation with our escorts and therefore want only models, with the same goal. In addition, we are not an agency with deaf ears for feedback, so we always accept this and our top priority is the satisfaction of our clientele, as well as our models.

    • What guarantee of safety and service does Ideal Agency offer?

      We at Ideal Escort meticulously select the booking requests and thus the highest quality gents, so that we exclusively complete ideal bookings. As agency management we are always available for our ladies in action - around the clock. We check every client for seriousness and commitment to the date. It is up to us to take over the planning and organization of the rendezvous, so that you can devote yourself completely with body and mind to your counterpart.

    • What is our position on data handling?

      The confidentiality of your data is paramount, so we never share your information with third parties. Choose an artist name with which you will be represented on our website. To clients, we will always speak about you using your alias. We understand that you do not want to be recognized as an escort in your profession and everyday life, which is why we make your face unrecognizable in all photos to protect your identity.

    • Is the use of own, partly professional pictures possible?

      Whether your pictures come from a professional shoot or not, at Ideal Escorts we insist on a shoot with our photographer for the following reasons: We guarantee our clientele highly current and professionally taken photos that are discreetly retouched. Means that a slight color balance or shadows are retouched. With outside work, you cannot rely on the strength of the retouching. In addition, Ideal Agency pursues a uniform, true-to-style presentation of the escort ladies, so that is always shot in the same location.

    • How many bookings can be expected?

      Depending on time flexibility, readiness and willingness to accept bookings, we mediate requests. Of course, your person, i.e. appearance, intellect, as well as compatibility with the customers has an enormous impact on the number of your booking requests.

    • How flexible does the time management need to be?

      That is entirely up to you. If you are studying or working, you can devote your free time to the part-time job as an escort as needed. Let us know your times and we will try to find suitable arrangements.

    • Is it possible to cancel dates before the end of the booking period?

      It is rare that the arranged match does not harmonize. However, if a faux pas happens to you, such as that you know your date privately, we fully understand that you withdraw from the situation and also end the date on the spot before it has actually begun. We at Ideal Escort Agency always have the goal in mind that you, as well as our clients feel comfortable and enjoy the mediations without exception.

    • What does Ideal value in a collaboration?

      Our focus is on experimental and adventurous escorts who feel comfortable in your body and want to feel it with all senses. You should be "open-minded" by nature and inquisitive about other people's fantasies and living them out together. Do you enjoy the profession of escort, are punctual, reliable and loyal, so nothing stands in the way of a successful collaboration.

    • How to apply?

      After reviewing the application documents you sent us, including any photos you requested, we will contact you. If we can imagine that there is a "match" between you and us, we will arrange a first interview via video call. Here you can get a first impression of us, as well as we of you. During a relaxed conversation, you can get rid of your questions and present yourself from your best side. If the application goes to the next round, we get to know each other at a personal meeting at our agency. If, regardless of the timing, you still find that you do not belong to the passion of escorting, let us know and we will go our separate ways and wish you all the best. Otherwise Ideal Agency welcomes you to our exquisite team.