IDEAL HIGH-CLASS ESCORT Best Ways to Pleasure a Man

Looking for new passion? Exploring love from a different angle? Enjoying making erotic dreams come true? I know exactly what men want in bed. This article can help to plunge deep into that spicy topic. It appears interesting both for male and female audience, because I’ve decided on sharing my rich experience in sexual pleasure. Girls may take notes. Husbands should give their wives tiny hints!

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Best Way to Please Husband

Sexual life becomes real science. Numerous questions need an answer:

  • What “making husband comfortable” implies?
  • What “creating relaxed atmosphere” means?
  • How a lady finds out what her sweetheart loves, and what he hates in sex?

Either a married lady or a young girl can find it challenging. Therefore, I, as an Elite Escort, have decided on sharing my knowledge and teaching how to be better in bed for your man.

Best Ways to Please Your Man in Bed

Everyone is different. Some want it harsh, others need time for opening up. Here are some general tips. They’ll help find out the lover’s preferences and leave him satisfied.

  • Create peaceful, calm, relaxed atmosphere. Light some candles, turn on soft music, turn off the light, bring in massage oils.
  • Put on seductive lingerie. Undress slowly. Let the guy know he turns you on.
  • Act confidently. Simply ask your lover what he enjoys. He will definitely reveal hints, just watch and listen carefully!
  • Follow his reactions when making every particular move. Body language always tells a lot. Kiss and caress sensitive areas.
  • Pay special attention to what men like to hear in bed. Just ask about that!
  • Support and encourage your partner’s initiative actively.
  • Offer him trying something fresh. Perform his hottest fantasies.
  • Enjoy the process along with him. This tip is crucial! When noticing his lady’s satisfaction, the lover will enjoy sex twice as much. Simply follow the natural flow of events and relax!
  • What do men like to be called in bed? Most of them dream of feeling like hunters, warriors or winners. There is no general rule, however. Just ask how your guy would prefer you call him. Or, invent some secret sex nickname.

These tips are based on my rich intimate communication experience. I am sure you’ll make good use of them!

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What Men Want in Bed

No rocket science needed here. Basically, males or females aim at fulfilling their erotic desires, relieving their bodies, making their partners feel happy and satisfied. Sexual fantasies are another key point. Boys love that, believe me! The best ways to please your man in bed imply creativity.

  • Buy role play costumes. There is a wide choice available at sex shops: nurses, college girls, flight attendants, police officers, maids. Do not sustain free imagination!
  • Follow your partner’s body attentively. Tell him what you admire about him, or show it with proper actions.
  • Notice his response when doing stuff. As a wife, you are the one who knows the best way to please husband!
  • If you are turned on yourself, getting the lover excited becomes much easier. Seduce him beforehand by sending hot pictures or spicy messages.
  • Your room must stay a secret place. What is done there, stays there. By establishing such a rule, your partner, as well as yourself, obtain more freedom.
  • Praise him when he is doing things right. This is what guys like most of all!
  • For making sexual life even brighter, experiment with new positions or unusual places. As long as that brings both of you excitement and satisfaction, there should be no boundaries!

I hope this information turns out useful in exploring what men want in bed. In order to learn more, read my blog with the great topics to search erotic inspiration from!