Fee class: II

Age: 26

Height: 167

Weight: 52

Eyes: brown

Hair: brown

Languages: english, german, spanish

Locations: London

About me

Hey, I’m Florence and I live in central London. I’m a quarter Persian, which only shows in my quickly tanning skin in summer, in winter I’m actually quite pale ūüėÄ In London I work in a consultancy and am quite busy, which denies me a lot of free time. Nevertheless, I like to have as much fun as possible, which is why I like to enjoy my little precious time on escort dates.

I like being in bars and restaurants, seeing the city from above, which is easily possible in the many skyscrapers of London. My goal is to live a very pleasant and comfortable life, with glamor, fun and no worries. Would you like to experience this together for a while?

Sexually I’m very open-minded, I’ll do anything that’s fun for us.


Agency summary

Florence is a stunner. She is pure sensuality. When we met her in person, we found the brunette model to be extremely feminine. The way she moves, the way she sits, the way she talks. In no way unnatural or even exaggerated. Florence could be starring in a movie from the 50s, good posture without exception, a personality with a lot of wit and charm.

Florence knows what she wants and that is to make a career. We will be happy to send you more pictures on request.

Her appearance is breathtakingly beautiful. She is one of our smaller models, at 167cm, has very thick brown hair that reaches down to her belly button, is very petite, except for her large (optimized) breasts, which she does not show through too much cleavage. She plays with her charms. If the fabric of her dress rides up a few centimeters, a man desires to see more.

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