Fee class: III

Age: 25

Height: 173

Weight: 52

Eyes: blue

Hair: blonde

Languages: german, english, spanish, italian

Locations: Munich

About me


I’m Leandra from Munich, I’m in my mid-20s and I’m studying business administration. In my free time, I like to do sports, mostly jogging or going to the gym, but I also love trying out new activities. Whether it’s equestrian sports, bouldering, archery – I enjoy many things.
One of them is being artistic, because at home I like to paint on big canvases, listen to podcasts (if you have any worth listening to, let me know ūüôā ) or music and dance around in my bare feet.

I love going to restaurants, having a good time and doing it together with people who feel the same way. I see the positive in people, am cheerful, but also like to have deep conversations.

In eroticism there are no “special preferences” for me – I think it depends on the chemistry and the mood. Whether romantic and intimate or wild and loud. I like seduction and being seduced in the same way. Isn’t that the classic definition of “switch” ? ūüėÄ Dear stranger, I look forward to meeting you!

Whether in Munich or in one of the other, beautiful metropolises, let¬īs write our¬†story together….

Agency summary

She quickly captivates her counterpart with her natural and genuine manner. From the beginning, you have the feeling that you have known her for a long time, because she brings a familiarity that makes you feel comfortable. Humorous and always elegant, she met us so that we are proud to have this elf-like escort lady from Munich with us. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable time with this native of Munich, regardless of the city in which you wish to meet her.

Physique: Leandra is a petite escort Munich, with an exceptionally pretty face. Big eyes, a narrow chin and high cheekbones, as well as seductive lips that tempt you to kiss her. Narrow wrists that she knows how to move elegantly. Leandra has a round, soft bottom that adds a positive plus to her slender figure. With an upright gait, she will approach you and captivate you with her warm-hearted manner. Enjoy the rendezvous with the escort Munich, regardless of the city where you wish to see her.


  • What made you want to become an escort lady?
    In fact, quite early - all the movies and series in which exactly these couples were shown. A young, beautiful woman who is admired by everyone when she enters a room (without attracting negative attention), pampered and proudly presented by your wealthy, older man at your side. I like to take on the role of spoiled girlfriend for a period of time. After spending a wonderful time with my counterpart, we both go our separate ways with no further obligations. An organized escort date allows me to engage in an erotic adventure, so that only the positive aspects of non-binding dating come to bear.
  • Would you like to go into more detail about your erotic preferences?
    I would love to! I am a passionate "Girlfriend Experience" advocate. Flower sex is boring? In my eyes quite the opposite - I am fully in my feminine energy and love the close (eye) contact, as well as the intimacy with my date during the act. If I feel absolutely comfortable, I also like to take the slightly submissive part and let myself be led. However, the dominant part also gives me fun, just the idea of an experienced man, who is eg professionally far above me, to tell him what to do and not to do has its charm - if the situation allows it.
  • Tell us about your favorite place....
    There are incredibly many and beautiful bars, restaurants and vacation domiciles that are worth a visit. Whether it's a high class bar in London or a pub in Hamburg on the Kiez - I don't want to pretend that I only enjoy the most luxurious places. It depends on the company. If the chemistry is right, the humor, the food on site, then nothing stands in the way of a beautiful memory!
  • Let us share your idea of a perfect date....
    An example scenario: We meet in the lobby of the Dolder Grand in Zurich and indulge in the culinary delights of the Michelin-starred restaurant "The Restaurant". We talk about God and the world, laugh a lot and toast with champagne to our adventure that has just begun. Afterwards, we visit the private spa booked for us. After a treatment we still have time over to explore our bodies extensively. The rest is up to you...
  • What are your motives to work at Ideal Escort agency?
    There are many "high class escort agencies", but only a few stand out by demanding gentlemen. Ideal high class escort agency attaches importance to extraordinary ladies, as well as sophisticated gentlemen. I can be sure that the agency will support me in every way and give me the maximum security to have a nice date. Indeed, one has the feeling of dealing with a match-maker agency of the highest order. The cooperation is almost friendly and the agency management pleasant.

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